Bergamot Bay handmade soap
Handmade Bergamot soap

Bergamot Bay soap

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I just LOVE the way this soap smells! It’s kind of woody and spicy but not overwhelming. It gets its warm scent from bergamot and aromatic bay essential oils with a little patchouli and cinnamon essential oils mixed in. It is really a perfect balance of all four scents! Each of these pretty, cream-colored bars of soap are also good for exfoliating and have a beautiful texture from the addition of chopped bay leaves.

Extend the life of your bar of soap by purchasing one of our Cypress wood soap dishes.

* each bar weighs approx. 4 oz. prior to curing.
* each bar is approx. 2.75” wide x 3” high x 1” thick.

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, essential oil blend (bergamot, bay, patchouli and cinnamon), chopped bay leaves.

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