Natural soap made with natural ingredients - naturally.

We make our artisanal soap the old-fashioned way - handmade in small batches, hand-cut and with simple ingredients. All of our products are vegan, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, palm oil-free and paraben-free and contain NO artificial dyes, fragrance oils or additives. Our goal is to create products that are all-natural and good for your skin with recyclable or reusable packaging that's good for the planet.

Get ready for our BRAND NEW Wind Down wine soap!

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Five bars of handmade wine soap

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What our customers are saying

Really am very happy I found you. I had tried this soap and could not find it. I was so pleased with the way my face felt after I used yours. Can’t wait to try others. Thanks so much for your quality and quick delivery.

Pomona Park, FL

Fresh and soft - my favorite indulgence! After trying several soaps (and loving them), I was so excited to receive these lotion bars. They are perfect for rough elbows and the cracked, dry hands that I get every winter. I have tried other lotion bars and found them to be waxy and greasy, but these bars are not at all greasy. My skin just feels fresh and soft. LOVE THESE BARS!

Massapequa Park, NY

I've tried most of the soaps, and Bergamot Bay is my fave. ALL of the soaps are gentle on skin, and leave you cleaner than any store bought soap. I will only buy soap from Cedarwood and recommend that you do, too!

Sierra Vista, AZ

I am very happy with this soap. I have purchased several varieties from this soap maker and I keep this one in the kitchen. Any excuse I get, I wash my hands just so I can enjoy its wonderful cleaning and feel and aroma. Leaves my hands soft and fresh smelling.

Gerrardstown, WV

This soap has completely replaced our shaving cream! The soap creates a nice lather that hangs out and smells amazing! One bar lasted me a LONG time. The feel of my skin is night and day compared to my previous canned shaving cream.

Hagerstown, MD

The lemon poppy seed was a hit in our house! It smells amazing and the poppy seeds serve as a natural exfoliant which is great in the winter. My 4 year old daughter kept asking me to put more on her :) Kid tested, mother approved.

Springfield, VA

Amazing! This is my new favorite lip balm. I suffer from chapped lips year-round, and using this daily keeps them moisturized. The orange scent is the best smelling balm I've ever owned. These match the quality and effectiveness of much higher-priced products I used to buy at beauty stores.

Taneytown, MD

This works! (Working Hands soap) My dirt-covered hands from gardening get clean, and stay soft, with this soap. Love it.

Burkittsville, MD

I have been using this laundry soap for about 9 months and I really like it. It leaves my clothes clean and no more itching that would happen with commercial laundry soap. If you are sensitive to laundry soaps you should try this.

Germantown, MD