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Make the choice to stop using aluminum-based antiperspirants. Our all-natural deodorant contains natural ingredients that are great for your skin and keep you smelling good while you sweat. Sweating is actually good for your body.

Made with just seven ingredients: organic coconut oil, refined Shea butter, sweet almond oil, arrowroot powder (a natural absorbent), vitamin E oil, locally-sourced beeswax and essential oils (choose from a floral lavender, rose or more masculine cedarwood balsam) which provide a wonderful scent.

*each individually safety-sealed 2 oz deodorant tube is 4.5” tall and 1.25” in diameter and is a packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable kraft paperboard tube.

(This listing is for one deodorant tube.)

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, refined Shea butter, sweet almond oil, beeswax, arrowroot powder, Vitamin E oil, essential oil blend (cedarwood, balsam fir, lavender, rose). 

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