Rose Geranium whipped body butter

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Introducing our brand new Rose Geranium whipped body butter. This luxurious body butter is made with moisturizing shea butter as well as (deodorized) cocoa butter. Since it is deodorized it doesn’t smell like cocoa butter, allowing the wonderful rose geranium scent to be the star of the show! The cocoa butter also gives it the most buttery feel! Arrowroot powder keeps it from feeling oily while allowing the body butter to retain its perfect smooth consistency. Just like all of our other all-natural bath & body products, our body butter gets its lovely pink color not from mica powder or artificial colorants but from natural pink kaolin clay. And, finally, rose geranium essential oil gives it a subtle yet soothing floral scent.

Each body scrub comes in a reusable 4 oz.  glass jar. 

Ingredients: refined Shea butter, deodorized cocoa butter, arrowroot powder, pink kaolin clay, rose geranium essential oil blend.