Lavender Sugar Body Scrub

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Our Lavender Sugar Body Scrub is a great way to create a relaxing, in-home spa experience. Made with shea butter, coconut oil and avocado oil, this sugar scrub leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth. The raw sugar and ground lavender buds provide mild exfoliating while the lavender essential oil provides a calming scent.

As with our Coffee Sugar Body Scrub and all of our bath products, our body scrubs are paraben-free and made with all-natural ingredients. 

Each exfoliating body scrub comes in a reusable 4 oz. glass jar. 

(While showering, apply a small amount of scrub and massage in a circular motion. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse. For best results, use twice a week. Use caution as product may make shower surface slippery.)

*each safety-sealed jar weighs approx. 7.5 oz. and contains 4 oz. of body scrub.

Ingredients: refined shea butter, raw Demarara sugar, avocado oil, coconut oil, ground lavender buds, lavender essential oil, natural paraben-free preservative (phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid).