March 11, 2022

Wake up with our Whipped Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

Wake up with our Whipped Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

Want to kick-start your morning shower AND leave your skin feeling extra soft and moisturized? Our Coffee Sugar Body Scrub can take care of both. 

Here’s a little behind the scenes of what goes into the making of our body scrub. The base ingredients of both our body scrubs (we also have a lavender sugar body scrub!) are moisturizing coconut oil and shea butter. In this body scrub, your skin will get even more nourished with the addition of vitamin E oil.  

Coffee Sugar Body Scrub ingredients

The first step is to whip the coconut oil and shea butter until they have a super smooth, creamy consisitency.

Shea butter and coconut oil

Once this happens, I slowly add all of the remaining ingredients. To take our coffee scrub to the next level I add coffee AND espresso powder. Not only does this give it the delicious coffee aroma but is also provides gentle exfoliating which is ramped up with the addition of raw sugar and sea salt. Sea salt is a nutrient-rich salt that contains 84 beneficial minerals. Orange essential oil is a wonderful complement to the invigorating coffee aroma of this body scrub!

Whipped Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

All of these ingredient combine to make a creamy, luscious body scrub that smells better than I can even describe! If you love coffee (and the smell of it) like I do, you’ll definitely want to give this body scrub a try!

Whipped Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

Click here to try our Whipped Body Scrubs. Whether you want the invigorating aroma of our Coffee Sugar Body Scrub to start off your morning or the relaxing aromatherapy scent of our Lavender Sugar Body Scrub, I know you won’t be disappointed!

Whipped Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

I hope you’ll watch for my next blog post on ‘Soap Shavings.’ 🧼🤎💜

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