February 15, 2019

Behind the scenes - making Cinnamon Oatmeal soap

Handmade Cinnamon Oatmeal soap

On my agenda today is making my Cinnamon Oatmeal soap. I can’t seem to keep it in stock so I figured I’d make a large batch this time and I’m taking you along for the ride. So today I’m just gonna ‘soundbite’ the process with some pics along the way.

Refined coconut oil

A big batch of soap calls for a big batch of coconut oil - 30.6 oz to be exact - along with olive oil and canola oil to equal a total of 86 oz of total oils. This will make a total of 136 oz of soap.

Handmade soap sodium hydroxide

That also mean LOTS of lye (sodium hydroxide) which you need to handle with great caution because it is a caustic solution when mixed with water. BUT soap made without lye is only detergent.

The temp is over 170ºF when the water and lye are first mixed together and this needs to come down to around 110º. (It’s hard to see in the pic but I put it in an ice bath to speed up the process.)

Next I ground 1 C. of oatmeal and combined it with 5 tsp. cinnamon and set it aside.

Ground cinnamon and oatmeal

And, voilá, through the magic of the internet - well, after combining the oils, lye water, ground oatmeal & cinnamon and the cinnamon essential oil and mixing them thoroughly with an immersion blender until they came to trace (or thickened) - we have soap! And what a pretty soap it is AND it smells amazing! (I just realized I’m hungry.) 😆

Handmade Cinnamon Oatmeal soap

Handmade Cinnamon Oatmeal soap

I hope you enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes tour and if you can’t wait four weeks for these to be ready there are still a few bars remaining. And I hope you’ll watch for my next blog post on ‘Soap Shavings.’ 🧼💛

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