Handmade soap sampler set

Almost Good Enough to Eat sampler set

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Almost good enough to eat But PLEASE don't. Seriously though, thisĀ sampler set contains soaps made with wonderful ingredients - oatmeal, coffee, chocolate, lavender, sage and chamomile. Ingredients that are not only good for you but GREAT for your skin as well.

This 5-bar setĀ includesĀ (from bottom to top in picture) ourĀ Cedarwood Oatmeal, Calendula Chamomile, Lavender Sage, JavaĀ and Milk Chocolate Mint soap.

The soap bundle is approx 6 oz total weight and each sample piece is approx 1/4" thick. Since each sampleĀ is hand-cut, the thickness and size of each piece will vary.

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