Deep Cleaning handmade soap sample set
Deep Cleaning handmade soap sampler set

Deep Cleaning sampler set

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This sampler set includes soaps that offer extra scrubbing power for really dirty hands OR mild soaps for when you want a gentle exfoliating, deep cleansing for your face. Our working hands soap is great for cleaning dirt and grime off your hands while our Tea Tree Charcoal soap contains activated charcoal that gently pulls dirt out of your pores.

This 5-bar set includes (from top to bottom in picture) our Cinnamon Oatmeal, End Zone soap (replaces Grapefruit Peppermint pictured), Working Hands, Bergamot Bay, and Tea Tree Charcoal.

The soap bundle is approx 6.5 oz total weight and each sample piece is approx 1/4" thick (1/3 of a full-size bar). Since each sample is hand-cut, the thickness and size of each piece will vary.

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